You supply the content for the web site and we will develop, host and maintain it for your organisation – completely free of charge

Please read the following information carefully and ensure you understand the information and your charity meets all of the requirements. Each application for a free charity website will be reviewed individually however we make the final decision on acceptance or rejection and no discussion will be entered into following our decision.

At this stage only Australian charities recognised by the Australian Tax Office are eligible.

What is a charity?

The characteristics of a charity are as defined by the Australian Tax Office

  • it is an entity that is also a trust fund or an institution
  • it exists for the public benefit or the relief of poverty
  • its purposes are charitable within the legal sense of that term
  • it is non-profit
  • its sole purpose is charitable.

Charitable purposes are:

  • the relief of poverty or sickness or the needs of the aged
  • the advancement of religion
  • the advancement of education
  • the provision of child care services on a non-profit basis
  • other purposes beneficial to the community.
  • Entities that are mainly for sporting, recreational or social and entertainment purposes are not charities.

What we need from you?

Proof that you are a charitable organisation, generally charities will have a Charity Tax Concession Status under their ABN details. If we do not believe that you have supplied adequate documentation we will not build your website.

You need to supply the text and good quality graphic images in Word format and jpg. You must own the images and text or have written permission to use them for the website. Information to include: About the charity, events, contact details, how to donate, past events (include images), links, etc.

Websites will be a maximum of 4 pages.


It is important to us that the identity of your organisation can be established. Accordingly we require a list of your organisation’s officials with their full names and job titles.
If your organisation is seeking donations or sponsorships from the public, we also require a clear and readable electronic copy of the organisation’s official government documentation stating that the charity can receive donations and sponsorships. If we do not believe that you have supplied adequate documentation we will not build your website.

This evidence of your organisation’s legitimacy will be displayed in the web site.

Web site address

The web site will have an address as follows “”, where “yourcharitiesname” is the initials of your organisation. This is allocated by us. If you have your own domain name (web address) you can generally point this to the website we set up for you or you can choose to purchase your own domain name and forward it to your new website. Click here to purchase a domain name.

Updating the web site

You may request changes and additions to the web site once every 3 months. Make sure that your updating instructions are very clear as to which web site pages are to be changed and exactly where the insertions and deletions are required.

We will endeavour to do your changes promptly however our paying clients will take precedent so give us plenty of warning about changes.

Advertising Your New Web Site

The easiest way to get visitors to your website is to publicise it.

  • include the web site’s address on your letterhead, notices, advertisements, at the bottom of all of your e-mails.
  • notify your users, members, volunteers and sponsors of the web site. Keep it up to date, and use it to communicate with perhaps a newsletters and an event list.
  • request organisations to include a link to the web site in their web site.

We constantly monitor the websites that we create and if the website does not receive a suitable number of visitors per month it will be taken offline.

More Important information

Ashgrove Web Design may choose to delete a webpage at any time and withdraw/alter/amend the offer of a free charity website without further discussion. By completing the application form below you agree that Ashgrove Web Design and it’s owners and operators are not liable for any action occurring from the creation and maintenance of the website.

If you do not meet the above requirements for a free charity website please click here to view our other services

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