There are generally 3 steps to getting a website up and running, they are:


 Registering A Domain Name

Ideally your Domain Name (web address) should be easy to remember, contain keywords and tell people who you are.

As an example Ashgrove Web Design uses  It not only uses our business name, but it’s relatively short and has three major keywords that people will search for.  And that’s how the majority of people find us on Google.

If you have ideas for Domain Names we can search for you to make sure they are available and then register them for $64 ( for two years.  Alternatively you can register your own Domain Name by visiting our Domain Name Shop.

If you’ve already registered a Domain Name, no worries we can use that as well.

Setting Up Your Web and Email Hosting

To enable your website to show on the internet you need Web Hosting.  We use Bluehost hosting as they are affordable, very helpful, reliable and include Email Hosting in their plans at no extra cost.

Whilst we are designing your website in the background we put a temporary build page onto your Domain Name so people will still be shown your basic business and contact details.    We do this as we want your website to be perfect before your visitors see it.

As mentioned Bluehost also includes Email Hosting.  Meaning you can have personalised email addresses for your business.  For example Ashgrove Web Design has the email  We set up the email addresses for you with Bluehost and give you full instructions on how to use them on your devices.  Need more help?  We’ll be there :-).

Design, Creating and Optimising A Website

When designing and creating your website we use the WordPress platform.  WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and one of the most widely used platforms for websites.  We’ve spent many hours researching the best platform not only for our designs but also for the administration of your website after its complete.  We find that WordPress has the best technologies and is easy to use for all levels of computer users.  With all of our websites we provide personalised video tutorials showing you how to update your website.

Another reason for using WordPress is the thousands of themes that are available for us to use and customise to give you the exact website you want and need for your business.  A further feature is the large range of Plugins available for WordPress which allows you to do anything you want with your website from an online timetables, galleries, slideshows, online chat,  online store and so much more.

Once the design and creation of your website is complete then we start the Search Engine Optimisation.  This includes the basic listing on Google My Business, Bing and smaller search engines but also behind the scenes to ensure each page is optimised.  It’s one thing to have a great looking site but if it’s not optimised then it’s a waste of your time and money.

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